Friday, January 25, 2008

Alice Doesn't Live There Anymore

People in Stratford, Connecticut, are trying to figure out who sent Town Manager Harry B. Flood a postcard back in 1957. The card—which turned up at the town office only recently—was mailed from East Sumner, Maine, and read "Hi, Enjoying this rather fallish weather. It was 44 degrees yesterday. See you next week. Alice."

The mystery woman could be Alice McHugh, a 1938 U.S. and world champion duckpin bowler who died in 1986.

"A man claiming to be her relative showed us a handwriting sample on her will that to me appears very similar to that of the Alice who signed the postcard, and she is said to have traveled extensively on trains because her husband worked for the New Haven line," said Jerry Gillespie, head of adult services and reference at the Stratford Library.
Another contender is Alice (Standish) Staples, whose daughter was an assistant town clerk in 1957. Or perhaps it was Alice Flynn.
Several people have contacted the mayor's office and library to say a woman named Alice Flynn worked in the town clerk's office in 1957 — though no records of her have been found in area phone directories from that time.

But library researchers say she could be the most likely of the candidates so far, and are combing town employee records for her name. [Link]


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