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Genealogue Challenge #116

Drew Smith thought that an interesting challenge might come from this article. Justin Tuck and Adalius Thomas will be facing off this weekend in Super Bowl XLII. They both come from Coosa County, Alabama, went to the same high school, and are supposed to be related, though no one knows quite how.

On Wednesday afternoon, Jimmy Tuck and Eva Thomas sat in the house along Highway 9 where Adalius Thomas grew up. In the next room were the various totems of football success: trophies, framed jerseys and countless photographs. The Tucks, in their house down the road, have a similar shrine to their son.

They bandied family surnames, mentioning various grandparents and great-grandparents. It was as if they had never had this conversation. The relation, they thought, has to do with their grandmothers. It is hard to tell here because people have lived among the rolling hills for so long that their family trees are entwined like ivy.
Figuring out how Adalius and Justin are related might be too big a challenge with what few clues have been published (and I'm sure that the Tucks and Thomases of Coosa County will be too busy this weekend to stop in and give us a hand). So let's try something a bit easier:

Who is the earliest Tuck you can find in Justin's paternal line?


Do I have to show my work?

I can get back to Young Tuck born ca 1834-1840 in Georgia, present in Coosa, Alabama by 1870.


Judging from the comments made, it appears that Jimmy Lee lives at #129 County Road 71 in Kellyton, according to the Public Records Index.

Searching that street for other male Tucks gives us several (Gene, Gregory, Hershel, Jerry, Leroy, and Raliegh (?). Looking at those street addresses, only Leroy lives close enough (#129) to qualify as "next-door" as quoted in the article.

Another search in the PRI gives a date of birth for Leroy as 1927, so he's the most likely candidate to be Jimmy Lee's father.

Marriage Records show that Leroy married on 28 August 1949 at age 19 Certificate # 10318.

SSDI records for Tucks in 2001, show that his wife is most likely Mattie L. Tuck, 10 Dec 1927- 10 Aug 2002 (off by one year, but based on DOB and death date, she seems most probably.)

1930 US Census put Leroy Tuck
in theAlexander, Tallapoosa, AL household of parents Sam (born Alabama, 1907) and Kettie (born Alabama, 1910) with Siblings Herschell, and Leroy.
According to the AL Genweb, Tallapoosa and Coosa are adjoining counties.

No hits so far in 1920, but 1910 Census for Precinct 2, Tallapoosa, has a 3 year old Sam Tuck, living in the household of his Grandfather, Young Tuck (born Georgia, 1837) and his wife Annie (born Alabama, 1838)
In that household is Young's daughter Allice (born Georgia, 1888) and grandchildren Vadie (F), John (M), Sam (M) and an unnamed female infant.

--to be continued


in the 1900 Census Young Tuck is in Nixsburg, Coosa, AL, with wife Winnie (Winnie/Annie), son Albert, daughter Alice, and son William.

Going back to 1880 finds them still in Nixsburg, with Winnie,
daughters Anderson, Moriah, Lou, and Emma, son Charlie and daughters Mary and Julie.

In 1870, still in Nixsburg, he is transcribed at Yong Tuck, with wife Annie, son Mark, daughter Hanna, and Mariah, Lizze and Alex.

One more census will take us to pre-Civil war, and probably a simple listing in the slave schedules. I'm not familiar with these, as my ancestors were all early 20th century immigrants.


Shot in the dark:
Young Tuck b. abt 1837 GA


I developed my Tuck paternal line hypothesis based on a couple of articles, one that said Justin Tuck's grandfather was eighty years old, and another that identified him as Sam. From there I could trace Sam Tuck, born ca 1907, to the 1910 household of Young Tuck, aged 74, born in Georgia. Sam Tuck is listed as Young Tuck's grandson.

However, it should be noted that the only person of child-bearing age in that household is Alice Tuck, who is listed as an unmarried daughter of Young Tuck. This would suggest a non-paternal event in the Tuck line and, if correct, would make Sam Tuck the end of the line going back.

Of course, the entire hypothesis could be wrong, too.


Yes, I do believe that Young Tuck is the ancestor of Justin. In this article Justin's mother mentions "her husband's sharecropping father, Sam, [who] landed in Kellyton in the 1950s." I think this was her husband's grandfather, who seems to have died in 1994. The unnamed 80-year-old grandfather is probably, as Mary argues, Leroy, whose brother Hershel appears to live on the same road.

Young Tuck's wife Winnie had 12 children (11 living) in 1900, and 10 children (9 living) in 1910. It's possible that the grandchildren listed in 1910 were the children of a son who (perhaps) died between 1900 and 1910. Did anyone see Sam in the 1920 census?


This article has a picture of grandfather Sam Tuck and says, "Sunday dinner is served at the Tuck home as, from left, Justin Tuck's grandfather Sam, uncle Spencer, brother Jamison"


Scroll down to see article and picture ...


So, Justin's grandfather and great-grandfather were both named Sam. Thanks, Doug!


I found the obit for Justin's grandmother Mattie Love Tuck (copied below) and it lists her husband as Leroy. I think Sam is a nickname. Which of course begets the question; was the first Sam really a Sam or was that too a nickname?

An interesting note — Justin's mother, Elaine's maiden name was Googans. and Justin's paternal grandmother Mattie Love was also a Googans. How odd!

"Daily Home, The (Talladega, AL) - August 14, 2002
ALEXANDER CITY - Funeral service for Mattie Love Tuck, 74, of Kellyton will be Thursday at 2 p.m. at Peace and Goodwill Baptist Church with the Rev. Henry A. Haskins officiating. Burial will be in the adjoining cemetery. Mrs. Tuck did August 10 at her residence. She is survived by her husband, Leroy Tuck of Kellyton; five sons, Jimmy Tuck, Gregory Tuck and Jeffery Tuck of Kellyton, Spencer Tuck of Rockford and the Rev. Larry Tuck of Jacksons Gap; three daughters, Debra Tuck Boddie, Brenda Davis of Kellyton and Jacquelyn Birmingham of Alexander City; three brothers, Eddie Goggans of Kellyton, the Rev. Bennie Goggans of Cleveland, Ohio, and Ira Lewis Goggans of Los Angeles, Calif.; 28 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren. Wright's Funeral Home will direct the service."


This may contain some clues for finding the Tuck/Thomas connection. Thanks!


Mattie Love Goggans Tuck was the daughter of Spencer and Savilla Goggans. (1930 census,Lauderdale, Coosa, alabama)

She had at least three sisters that I found:
Sallie Mae (sorry didn't find a married name)

Ruby Lee who married a Belyeu ( I assume the mother of the coach mentioned in several articles)

Annie May who married Ara Thomas Jr.. I think this could be Adalius' grandparents. I know his parents names are Adonis and Eva but haven't found the grandparents names.

Found the info on the married names in Ruby Lee's obit: Daily Home, The (Talladega, AL) - January 23, 2005

Although, I found this quote in a NYT aricle:
"Said Tuck, "My grandmother and his grandmother were cousins, so we're a little farther down in the [family] tree as far as that goes, but that's the gist of it."" Of course, It is possible he is mistaken.

More info for those on the Tuck/thomas quest


Interesting that Young and Winnie Tuck were each listed as mulatto in the 1910, as was their daughter Alice. Of the four grandchildren listed, two are mulatto and two, including Sam, are black. Young and Winnie are listed as black in the 1900, but mulatto in the 1880. Not sure what to make of that. However, if it goes by the designation of the father, it could suggest that Sam had a non-Tuck father.

Andy E. Wold

From a USAToday story:

"Rev. Thomas says his family and the Tucks are connected by a pair of Goggans sisters, but Elaine Tuck says that's not necessarily the main link. "The family just crossed up several times," she says."



In the 1850 slave census for Coosa County, there is a Joseph Tuck with 13 slaves; 12 are black and one is a male 14 year old mulatto, about the right age to be Young Tuck.


Oh, of course.

Living next door to Joseph Tuck in Coosa in 1850 is William M. Goggans.


Here's another obit with many of the same names ...

"Ruby Lee Goggans


Funeral services for Ruby Lee Goggans, 69, of Alexander City will be Monday, Jan. 24, 2005 at 1 p.m. at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church. The Rev. Eddie Jennings will officiate. Burial will follow at Mt. Sinai Cemetery.

Mrs. Goggans died Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2005 at Russell Medical Center. She was born Oct. 1, 1935 to the late Rev. Spencer Goggans Sr. and Luella Burton Goggans.

She is survived by her husband, James Frank Belyeu of Alexander City; six children, Joe N. Belyeu and wife Jackie, Ben F. Belyeu, Doris J. Gamble, Lubecca S. Marbury and husband Donald all of Alexander city, Gary Belyeu of Lanett and Eric J. Belyeu and wife Tamara of Chelsea; her mother-in-law, Lena Mae Nolen of Alexander City; one sister, Annie Mae Thomas and husband Ara Jr.; three brothers, Eddie Goggans of Kellyton, Ira Lewis Goggans and wife Theresa of Inglewood, Calif. And the Rev. Bennie Goggans Sr. and wife Rosetta of Cleveland, Ohio; 14 grandchildren, five great-grandchildren; four sisters-in-law; four brothers-in-law; two stepsisters-in-law; one stepbrother-in-law; one aunt; and a host of nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends.

Wright's Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements."


Wow, I guess I "misunderestimated" the talents of my readers!


My grandmother, Julia Tuck is a descendant of the Tucks. She was the daughter of Young and Winnie Tuck. She married George Lampkin in 1898. They had eleven children. My father Newson Lampkin was one of the eleven. I'm Ingrid Lampkin, and I'm trying to find the maiden name of Winnie Tuck. Can any of the Tucks help me?

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