Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Genealogue Link Dump

Here are some links that have been gathering dust around the house.

  • Aaron Newton is trying to move his family's 200-year-old homestead in South Carolina before a highway is built through the parlor. But he needs to generate some "public outcry" to get permission for the move. You can sign the petition even if you've never heard of this place called "South Carolina."
  • Here's a great Flickr photo pool of United States county courthouses (and here's an index by state). I always like to case a joint before I visit.
  • Speaking of Flickr, the Library of Congress is posting some of its photos there and asking the public to tag them. I'm tagging this one "earwax."
  • Megan is getting ready to award her 100th Honoring Our Ancestors Genealogical Grant in February, and is looking for an especially worthy recipient. If you're reading this, Megan, I could really use a new iPod.
  • Mrs. Smolenyak Smolenyak also has a very cool video up at Roots Television explaining her duplicate surnames. I just thought I was seeing double.
  • Mark Story has taken some amazing photographs of people who have lived in three centuries. (Disclaimer: Not all of the people in the photo gallery have lived in three centuries. Some just spent too much time in the sun.)
  • The impatient John Newmark of Transylvanian Dutch found out that the Chicago VRs promised for January won't be available until maybe possibly July. Bureaucratically speaking, that means that we'll see them online around the time the Cubs win their next World Series.


The caption for the 'earwax' photo to which you link illustrates quite nicely the importance of proper punctuation usage.

"Jack Whinery, homesteader, with his wife and the youngest of his five children, Pie Town, New Mexico."

That is a mighty strange thing to name a child, don't you think?


No stranger than the Revolutionary War pensioner from Deer Isle, Maine, whose name was "Newport Rhode Island." Muster rolls confirm the name.


In Chicago, our motto is "Wait till next year."
Welcome back, Chris. Life's been rather boring without you.

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