Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Genealogy Hack: Ellis Island Images

This is a new irregular feature here at The Genealogue. Let's define a "genealogy hack" as a tip or trick that solves a specific problem and increases one's productivity as a genealogist, whether online or out in the real world.

Ever try to bookmark a manifest page from the Ellis Island website using your right mouse button? If so, this will look familiar:

Here's an easy way to get around this limitation. Left-click on the manifest, and then use this keyboard shortcut: Shift + F10. When the menu pops up, select "Bookmark This Page" (in Firefox) or "Add to Favorites" (in IE).

Saving the manifest image in Firefox is simple using this technique. From the menu that pops up select View Page Info > Media. Then click on the entry that looks like this:
Click Save As, and give the image a name that ends in .gif.

Terry Thornton

Chris, This is a good "hack." Thanks. I've been using a capture program (FastStone Capture available for free!) to grab those images that were too good not to bookmark/save. I'll try your suggestion. THANKS!


This is the easiest method I've found that doesn't require downloading additional software or Firefox extensions.

Anyone else have a trick to grab these images?

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