Wednesday, January 23, 2008

He Lost a Son, But He Gained a Rope

Jim Garner was hanged by the townsfolk of Corpus Christi, Texas, shortly after shooting down shopkeeper Emanuel Scheuer.

On May 15, 1866, Garner tried on a pair of boots at Scheuer's and was about to leave without paying for them when Scheuer said he couldn't give him credit.

Garner was drunk and took offense. He shot the storekeeper through the heart, killing him instantly, then left with his boots.
Eli Merriman, longtime editor of the Caller, later wrote about Garner's hanging. Merriman wrote that the morning after the hanging, old man Garner, the hanged man's father, came to take away the body. He didn't seem to be upset, saying that he had gotten a good long stake rope by the operation. [Link]

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