Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lou Dobbs: He Doesn't Know and He Doesn't Care

Genealogy Gems caught an interview with CNN anchor Lou Dobbs in which he proudly proclaimed that, when it comes to genealogy, he is both ignorant and incurious.

When Conan declared Dobbs the “face” of the immigration debate, and then reminded Dobbs that he has stated in his book that he is against days like St. Patrick’s Day, and Columbus Day, declaring that he is worried that they are damaging the country, Dobbs reply was succinct:

“I’m an all American mongrel,” he went on to say. “I have no idea who in the heck or where in the heck my grandparents or their grandparents came from. I don’t even care.”


Methinks he doth protest too much.

Is this the next Genealogue Challenge? :-)


I'll let Genealogy Gems handle this one. If you want to help find Dobbs' ancestors, you can post a comment over there or send the proprietor an email.


Perhaps there's a good reason he's not interested in Family History. Maybe there's some skeletons in the closet that he doesn't want found. sounds like a good reason to do some digging.

Andy E. Wold

Well, he may not care, but I do! His parents were Frank and Lydia Mae Hensley Dobbs. :)

Emil O. Hanson

Lou Dobbs remark about his ancestors gave me reason to lose respect for the anchor man. The people that struggled as pilgrims and pioneers to build the roads, bridges, and industry that provides his easy life today. These people he doesn't even care to know about, those directly related provided him with the genes that made him who he is today. What a narrow minded and self centered attitude.

Lisa Louise Cooke

Glad you enjoyed the blog! All ye Irish keep a close eye on Dobbs!
"The propietor" Lisa Louise Cooke
The Genealogy Gems Podcast

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