Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ms. Tran Finds Her Man

Tran Thi Kham went to Taiwan in search of her father.

Her only clues were a gold ring and a photograph of him as a young man.

He had given the mementoes to a Vietnamese woman he had fallen in love with in Hong Kong in 1967. She had returned to her home country to care for her mother and he later returned to Taiwan.
She took a job in Taipei helping a man named Tsai Han-chao care for his ailing wife. After the wife's death she left his employ, but accidentally left her father's mementos behind. She asked the local police to help recover them.
They contacted Mr Tsai and asked him to search for her things. Police described him as "stunned" to come across the keepsakes he had given his lover so long before.

He flew immediately to Kinmen, where his daughter was newly employed, for an emotional reunion. [Link]

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