Thursday, January 17, 2008

That's His Cross to Bare

Samuel Tippit's website features both his pedigree and a photograph of his lower back.

At one gets an opportunity to see the family tree of Samuel Tippit, an individual with Merovingian roots, (which refers to a prominent French royal family). The Merovingians are a historically-proven group of people who have been theorized to be the ‘lost’ descendants of Christ. The proof of their linkage to Christ is through complex historical associations and a special birthmark that is in the shape of a red cross. Samuel Tippit possesses such a birthmark.
Sam could use his birthmark to claim all the privileges of a Messiah, but chooses not to.
While he has a strong spiritual side, he is not interested in being the next ‘Christ.’ His focus is mainly presenting the facts, so people can have a chance to decide for themselves what is true. [Link]

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