Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An 'ee' for an 'eye'

Pulaski County, Indiana, is named for Revolutionary War General Kazimierz Pułaski, but its name is pronounced differently: with an "eye" at the end instead of an "ee."

But La Porte's Casmir Pulaski, a descendant of General Pulaski, wants things to change. He says it all starts with the parents.

"It has to start with them teaching their children how to say it," said Pulaski. "And they will grow up saying Pulaski. It's going to take about a generation, maybe two, but eventually it will be pronounced correctly." [Link]


Here in Virginia there's (often) a double violation--not only the "eye" at the end but a "you" sound where there should be an "oo".
In Chicago, as the name of a street, it was pronounced correctly but only after 1933. Before that it was pronounced Crawford.

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