Thursday, February 21, 2008

Genealogical or Geological?

Sandra Atherton says that the lines and grooves on boulders in her Georgia backyard are actually 200-year-old graffiti.

She's found the surnames of the families historians say first settled in the areas known as the Talase Colony and Fort Strong. Her ancestors, the Lavenders, along with the Strong and Easley families, all among the first families to settle in the area, have left their marks on the area, she said.

"You start scratching with a pencil on the paper," Atherton said. "And you're just hoping for that one clear one. Then, you can kind of see where the outline is. I do one line at a time until you can tell what it is."

What's created is a collection of characters and words that some of her relatives dismiss as doodles and others believe is history revealed. [Link]

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