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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Genealogy Hack: California Voter Registrations

Judy of Nevada Genealogy sent in this trick for navigating one of's newest databases.

The just released California Voters Registration Lists at, cover a range of years. The exact year is not listed on each page so to determine the year for a given entry try the following. Load the image of the page which contains your searched name. Note the printed page number on the image. Divide by 2 [since each image contains 2 pages]. Subtract this number from the image number. Enter this new image number in the box and click "GO". You may still have to browse one or two pages more or less. It has worked for me so far but some counties may vary, and missing pages could mess up the calc.
Thanks, Judy!


Alas, it doesn't work all the time; some lists do not number the pages. viz early Stanislaus, San Joaquin.

Bob Kirk


I also noticed that Los Angeles listings (at least some), do have the year printed on the pages.
While not perfect, it would help if ancestry would list the image number of each title page with the associated year. It would save a lot of browsing bandwidth.

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