Monday, February 04, 2008

Is That a GEDCOM in Your Pocket?

What do I have in common with Dave, Paul, Steve, James, Mark, Robert, Andy, Dick and Dan? We all write about genealogy. And, um, something else...


OK, that's great and all (seriously), but is there a cool, suggestive graphic/logo I can add to my blog?

Andy E. Wold

Number eight! Yesssss!!!


Sorry, Dave, I've never seen any suggestive graphics on the Internet.

Andy, this is nothing to be proud of. I am honestly ashamed that I'm having my #7 ranking printed on a t-shirt.

Andy E. Wold

Well, my cousins and I are already planning a trip to England! And of course, we'll have nice big, "Hi, my name is ..." name tags. ;)

Cluttered Person



Sorry but I know one Dave personally, and his name does NOT conjure up images of anything big, and I see from the article's comments that at least one other woman might have known the same Dave.

Robert Baca

I'm glad that you posted the truth on your blog. I also like the fact that you linked to my blog for everyone to see!


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