Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Population Control Freaks

I somehow missed the 2006 horror flick Population 436 at my local theater.

Jeremy Sisto and Limp Bizkit lead singer Fred Durst star in this thrilling story about a U.S. census taker who is assigned to assess the population in a remote mountain community. The census taker becomes trapped in this prison-like town full of 'golden rules' (that no one ever breaks) that doesn't allow its population to drop below or exceed exactly 436 citizens, a number in accordance with 'God's Law.' He eventually learns that NO ONE is ever allowed to leave Rockwell Falls and that the town citizens will do whatever it takes to maintain the status quo. After fending off a lobotomy and pretending to go along with the program, the U.S. census taker eventually tries to escape. Will the population finally be altered, or will the story of Rockwell Falls live on?
I don't know why Hollywood hasn't produced more movies in which census takers fend off lobotomies. It sure would have made Driving Miss Daisy more exciting.



So when a woman gets pregnant in Rockwell Falls people are actually thinking "Oh, crap" instead of being happy for her. Hmm. And it's got noted thespian Fred Durst? (Any spoilers? Please tell me he dies.) Thank you, sir, it's now on my Blockbuster list right after "The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters." I'll let you know what I think when they mail the DVD.


Well, I can report that Fred Durst is the least of the problems with this movie.


Thanks for the brief but completely sufficient review. I'll remove it from my Netflix queue.

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