Friday, February 22, 2008

This Mystery's History

Many of us contributed, but Genealogue readers Doogles McQuig and Andy E. Wold have worked overtime on the Mario Cantasano mystery. Doogles just informed me that the story made the paper!

It was only until this week that Codemasters and its team of amateur detectives got some fresh leads, thanks to major assists from a genealogy blog, the Genealogue, and John Favereau, a trustee of the Yonkers Historical Society, who had access to Depression-era city directories and other materials at the Riverfront Library.

From their research, it appears that the man in question was not Mario Contasino as reported in 1931. It is now believed that his actual name was Joseph F. Cantasano and he was 26 years old at the time of the accident. [Link]
Well, actually it was Edward F. Cantasano, but let's not quibble over minor details.

Andy has dug up a number of probable living relatives, and has forwarded their names and addresses to the Codemasters crew. Nice work, fellers!


Andy, give us a hint. What did you find regarding possible living kin?

Andy E. Wold

From the email I sent to Codemasters:

...As far as we know right now, Mario never married. We also don't know the married names of his two sisters, Helen and Angela.

Mario's father, Nicola Vincenzo, has four brothers and one sister that we've been able to determine. They are Vito Gaetano, Angelo, Isabel, Dominick, and Charles. Among their found descendants, several may still be living:

Angelo Cantasano (Angelo >> Gaetano Thomas) may still be alive, he was born in about 1927 (age 81).

Camille Spero Daniels (Angelo >> Madeline) should still be alive, she was born on 26 May 1926 (age 82), and married Edward C. Daniels (or his son.) She is (or was) living with her sister Catherine Spero in Lyndhurst, New Jersey (phone: (201) xxx-xxxx).

Catherine Spero (Angelo >> Madeline) should still be alive, she was born on 15 Apr 1929 (age 77). She is (or was) living with her sister Camille Spero Daniels in Lyndhurst, New Jersey (phone: (201) xxx-xxxx).

Patrina Cantasano, mother of his cousin Charles "Chucky" Cantasano III (Charles >> Charles) is still alive, she was born on 19 Jul 1929 age 78). Also surviving him in Nov 2006 were Chucky's wife, MaryAlice, and five sons: Chucky, Tommy, Chris, Joey and Mikey.

Patrina Cantasano, is living at xxxx Main St, Honesdale, PA, phone (570) xxx-xxxx
Maryalice Cantasano, is living at xxxx Lippizzan Trl, Punta Gorda, FL, phone: (941) xxx-xxxx
Chuck ("Chucky" Charles IV) and wife Mo, are living at xxxx Vernon Ave, Port Charlotte, FL, phone: (941) xxx-xxxx

Charles III and Patrina's children are still living:

Patrina Cantasano Stanley (age 58), is living at xxxx Metropolitan Ave, Middle Village, NY, phone: (718) xxx-xxxx
Rose Anne Cantasano McKendry (age 54), should still be living. Her daughter, Lauren McKendry, is living at xxxx 10th St, Honesdale, PA, phone: (570) xxx-xxxx

[house numbers and phone numbers censored for privacy]


Well done, Andy!


Yes, very well done!

Andy E. Wold

Here's a photo of Mario's headstone:


Thanks! Here's a clickable link.


Edward F. Cantasano is my grandfather. He resided in Yonkers, NY and owned a junk yard at 330 Yonkers Ave. He married Jenny D'Angelo and had two children; Ralph Cantasano and John Cantasano, three grandchildren; Nancy Cantasano, Roseann Cantasano and Danny Cantasano

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