Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Genealogue Challenge #122

Today was the 80th birthday of Apollo 13 commander Jim Lovell.

What were the names and birth dates of his paternal grandparents?

Andy E. Wold

Jim Lovell's paternal grandparents are James S. Lovell, born Nov 1858 in Ireland, and Josephine C. Rupert, born Oct 1862 in Maple, Ontario, Canada. (from their marriage license on Ancestry.com)

It was interesting to learn that although he went on missions to the moon twice, he never landed on it.


Happy Brithday James!

James "Jim" Arthur Lovell, Jr. paternal grandparents names are James S. Lovell born 1859 in York, Ontario Canada and Josephine C. Rupert born 1863.


After finding James A Lovell in the Parma Village, Cuyahoga Ohio 1930 census, it showed his father was born in Canada. I found the following which looks like the appropriate age to be the grandparents of James Lovell, along with their birthdates:

1901 Census of Canada Toronto
1901 Census of Canada Toronto
James S Lovell m head m Sep 14 1857 43
, Josephine C f wife m Oct 28 1862 38
, Adeline C f dau s Jun 12 1891
, G. Rupert m son s Dec 16 1896 4
, Jean f dau s Jul 9 1898 2
, James A m son s Oct 30 1900

Heather Roe

James S. Lovell was born to George and Mary Lovell in Ireland on 16 Sep 1857.

Josephine Cordelia Rupert was born to Jacob P. and Mary Rupert in Maple, York, Ontario on 28 Oct 1862.

The couple married on 2 Jun 1888 in Maple, York, Ontario and were the parents of James Arthur Lovell (father of Jim Lovell), born 30 Oct 1900 in York County, Ontario.


You all got it! A 1925 border-crossing record confirms that James, Sr., was born in Toronto.

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