Thursday, March 27, 2008

Genealogue Challenge #123

I just learned over at Genealogy Reviews Online that the inventor of the Egg McMuffin has died.

When did his maternal grandparents marry, and who were his maternal grandmother's parents?


Maternal grandparents married Oct 1, 1892.
Maternal grandmother’s parents were Frederick Kouse and his wife Louise. I have not found Louise’s maiden name.

Herbert Ralph Peterson was born in Chicago in 1919. In 1930 he is living in Chicago with his mother Florence Peterson, grandparents George and Emma Martha and aunt Evelyn Martha. Emma’s parents were born in Holland.

To prove that the Herb Peterson who was son of Florence Peterson, was the same one who invented the Egg McMuffin I used these records:
According to the SSDI, a Florence Peterson, born in 1893, died in 1989. I cannot find her in the CA death index, but the SSDI says she last lived in Santa Barbara. The CA death index does list an Evelyn Martha who died in Santa Barbara, was born in Illinois in 1904, and whose mother’s maiden name is Kouse.

Here is the obituary for Herb’s grandmother:
Chicago Tribune (IL) - April 06, 1945
Emma Martha, nee Kouse, beloved wife of the late George, mother of Florence Peterson, Ethel Wood, and Evelyn Martha, grandmother of Lt. Herbert R. Peterson, U. S. M. C., William and Joan Wood. Services Saturday, April 7, 1 p.m., at funeral home, 5260 N. Western avenue, corner of Foster. Interment Forest Home cemetery.

Illinois marriage records confirm the maiden name:
MARTHA, GEORGE E KAUS,EMAA 10/01/1892 / 00189922 COOK

The 1880 census for Chicago has a record for Dutch-born Frederick Kause, wife Cornelia, dtr Emma, other children, and some stepkids named Prince. Emma was born in 1869 but Cornelia and Frederick married in 1873.
KOUS, FREDERICK PRINCE, CORNELIA 06/11/1873 082/ 00010039 COOK

The 1870 census for Chicago has Frederick Cous (indexed as Cons on Ancestry), wife Louise, and dtr Emma.


Just a guess.
Herbert R. Peterson's maternal grandparents were?
George E. Martha &
Emma Kaus/Kause
married: 1 Oct 1892 Cook Co., IL

Emma's parents were:
Frederick & Cornelia Kaus
I can't find Emma's married name or a marriage record for them in IL.

Herbert's mother was Florence Martha Peterson b. July 1893 in IL. I haven't found his Father _?_ Peterson.


Herbert "Herb" Ralph Peterson was born 5 Jan 1919 in Chicago,IL.

His maternal grandparents where George E. Martha and Emma Martha, both born in 1869. George in July and Emma in October. They marry in 1893.

George died July 14, 1940 and Emma died April 5, 1945


Sharon got this one. Cornelia was Emma's step-mother (the 1900 census confirms both that Cornelia and Frederick had been married for 26 years, and that Emma was 30 years old).

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