Sunday, March 02, 2008

Genealogy Can Be Rewarding

Mad Genealogist Brian Nichols is offering a reward for info on one his ancestors.

First of all the $500 is for absolute proof of the parentage of my Henry Nichols. I will be make a concerted effort at the same time to solve this before you. I will post all info I have now and will receive in the future on this blog. I will answer any questions posted honestly. Once a person has found the proof they have a choice of $500 paid by paypal, check or money order or if you are a professional genealogist I will post a ad on the top of all my main websites stating how good you are and a link to your services instead of $500 if you want. All my sites get about 10,000 visitors per day.
I was going to start offering $500 for answers to my Genealogue Challenges, but then I remembered that I need that money to buy food.

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