Saturday, March 01, 2008

Journalists Write the Darndest Things

Kathryn Larcher sent along this excerpt from last weekend's World Wide Words newsletter. Thanks, Kathryn!

Department of post-mortem indecision: A cemetery manager was quoted in the Guardian Weekend last Saturday (16 February). He explained they sometimes had to exhume bodies: "Some people have an aversion to burial and decide they would rather have a cremation after all."

While we're on such matters, Peter G Neumann reported in the Risks Digest newsletter that the Web site of WSMV, Nashville, Tennessee, had a story on 15 February under the headline "Woman Says Being Declared Dead Ruins Life".

Department of clerical fecundity: Noted by Noel Donaghey on the Web site of The Adelaide Advertiser for 15 February: "An effort to lift South Australia's population to two million well before its target of 2050 will be led by Monsignor David Cappo."

Andy E. Wold

The Monsignor is going to be SOOOOOO busy! ;)

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