Tuesday, March 25, 2008

That Date Doesn't Make Census

The ABC15 Investigators of Phoenix, Arizona, did a hard-hitting exposé on genealogy "rip-offs and scams," and offered this piece of advice:

Smith recommends starting with the U.S. Census to find your roots, which keeps records after 1906. [Link]
I think they confused the United States with Canada's Northwest Provinces. A common mistake.

Andy E. Wold

Her story was way off on a lot of points.

I emailed her corrections to her story. ;)

Lisa Louise Cooke

Way off is right. I blogged about it as well after coming across the video. I expect we'll see more "journalism" like this if "Who Do You Think You Are?" makes it to the U.S. airwaves. Lisa at http://genealogygemspodcast.blogspot.com/

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