Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Challenge #125 Update

The last Challenge was a hard one, so let me give you another clue:

The question perhaps should have been phrased "What was Bob's family connection to the town?" Say, prior to 1977.


No time to research this one, but back in the early 1700s my Cook ancestors were part of the Kennett Monthly Meeting. Are there Quakers in Bob's tree?


You won't have to go that far back. Just to 1930.


Serious challenge, but I think I've got it. Sara Lownds, Dylan's first wife, was born Shirley Marlin Noznisky, whose father Isaac appears on the 1920 census for Kennett, living in his brother's home. Since Dylan and Sara were divorced in 1977, that technically would have been the end of the relationship to Kennett.Isaac was a scrap metal dealer in Wilmington, DE


That's the connection. Can you find Isaac in 1930?


Yep, just found him - Ancestry shows him as Isaac Nozvisky, aged 35 on West State Street, wife Bessie and son Julius. Fun challenge, especially since Chester County is one of the areas I research a lot.


And he was working as a mushroom solicitor. Too bad Bob didn't write a song about him.


New castle County records the death of Isaac Noznisky

Decedent Name: NOZNISKY, ISAAC
ROW File #: 37552
Date of Death: 11/20/1956
Date Inventory Filed:
Date Closed:
Date Cleared:

Decedent Address:


Ship log from Ellis Island shows a 30yr old Jeko Noznisky heading to Kennet Square in 1924 possibly linking Isaak to Poland. Is Jakob Dylan perhaps named after this Jeko?

Batch Number: P50067-3
Packet Number:
Record Number:
Page Ref. Number: 150
Page Line Number: 0007
First Name: Jeko
Last Name: Noznisky
Age at Arrival: 30y
Gender Code: M
Marital Status: M
U. S. Citizen? No
Ship Crew? No
Nationality: Polish, Hebrew
Place of Residence: Kennett Square, U. S. A.
Standardized Place of Residence:
Ship Name: Lafayette
Standardized Ship Name: Lafayette
Ship Arrival Date: 22 Sep 1924
Ship Arrival Port: New York
Departure Port: Havre
Standardized Departure Port: Le Havre, Seine-Inferior, France
ID Number: 600673040311

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