Saturday, April 05, 2008

Junkyard Genealogy

After reading this post, Megan wrote to remind me of another wreck that led to a reunion.

Loretta Lucero of Albuquerque, New Mexico wrote to me about a photo her husband found. Because it was warped from moisture, she wasn’t able to scan it, but she provided a number of details that were written on the back:

Grandmother Mary Ellen Brown, born Aug 14, 1898, died Jan 30, 1987. Married to Septimus Brown. Children: Buena Anitia, James Edward, Dawthy Meril, Bobby Lee, N. Mae, Billy Jean.

I was mildly intrigued, but it was Loretta’s closing remark that really piqued my interest:

“My husband works in a junkyard in Albuquerque and found it in a car. We are very much addicted to genealogy and photos, and I know this picture must have meant something to the person who owned it. The car it was found in was a wrecked Legacy.”

She had me at “junkyard.”

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