Thursday, April 24, 2008

Province Just Says No

New Brunswick won't allow Sharon (Weed) Thorne to put her maiden name on a license plate.

Sharon Thorne has even brought officials a copy of her birth certificate, but they still refuse to allow her to attach a tag that says "WEED" to her beloved 2001 Mustang convertible.

"I am not promoting drug use," she complained this week. "I do not smoke marijuana, have never inhaled it even once, don't sell it, am adamantly against it and have no criminal record.

"I have always been proud my name was unique, and thought people would see the plate and realize they went to school with me, or knew my parents or something. It was meant to be a fun thing, but has turned into something really annoying." [Link]

Thomas MacEntee

Peter Griffin: Uh, so, what kind of a name is "Weed"?

Mr. Weed: They gave it to my grandfather on Ellis Island. Our original name was Bermuda Grass.

Family Guy

Craig Manson

Curiously, a similar dilemma confronts a brewery in a burg a bit north of Sacramento. Wonder if she's related to Abner Weed?

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