Thursday, April 03, 2008

Where the Boys (and the Girls) Are

I wrote a year ago about a map showing the distribution of men and women in America in 1890. Compare that map (taken from the David Rumsey Collection) to Richard Florida's Singles Map of the United States, based on 2006 Census Bureau data. Overlaying one map with the other (as I've clumsily done below) shows that things haven't changed much in 116 years. Men still predominate in the West; women still outnumber men in the East. And I still can't get a date.


Can't get a date, eh? Maybe your problem is the state you're living in. It appears there aren't any boys or girls in Maine. You've gotta stop hanging out with those lobsters Chris!



Your dating problems might have to do with your holding your hand up in front of your face all the time!



Any idea when the 1890 map was made?


Hmm, and all this time I thought it was the halitosis and the unibrow.


@ Michael

It comes from the Statistical Atlas of the United States, published by the United States Census Office in 1898. The Rumsey maps are hard to link to directly, but a link to the atlas may be found on this page.

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