Monday, May 26, 2008

Care for Some Marsupial Soup?

Settlers in 19th-century Australia were not picky eaters.

In "The Antipodean Cookery Book", first published in 1895, Mrs. Lance Rawson has a stew recipe with listed ingredients including a dozen parrots "well-picked and cleaned."

Even less appetising is a recipe in Australia's first known cookbook, dating from 1864, for a dish called "slippery bob", consisting of kangaroo brains mixed with flour and water then fried in emu fat.

The book's author Edward Abbott described the delicacy as bush fare, admitting it required "a good appetite and excellent digestion" to stomach.

His book also contains recipes for bandicoot, a small marsupial, and black swan, in which he recommends baby cygnets as particularly tender. [Link, via Neatorama]
[Photo source: Brown eyes by Alan Wolf]

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