Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Difference Between Brad Pitt and God

An Illinois artist wants to change his name to "In God We Trust."

Yes. First name, "In God." Last name, "We Trust."

School bus driver and amateur artist Steve Kreuscher of Zion will appear in a Lake County court June 13, hoping the judge will grant his request.

"I want this with all my heart," says the 57-year-old father of four.
Northbrook attorney Alan Pearlman, who has handled hundreds of name change cases, said he's not aware of any specific list of rules. But he said a judge can deny names that are racial slurs or considered obscene. If they violate trademarks, or duplicate the name of a celebrity, they would likely be rejected.

"I doubt a judge would let you change your name to Brad Pitt," he said. [Link]
[Thanks, Drew!]

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