Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Don't Lick Your Plate at Craig's House

Craig Pfunnkuche says we should be digging around in our ancestors' privies.

"Outhouses are wonderful, fantastic, fabulous places to find stuff out about families."

Pfunnkuche, a retired history teacher and amateur archeologist from Wonder Lake, collects the items found in digs, such as his favorite, a Meakin Tea Leaf china set.

Although he goes through rigors of disinfecting the dishes before use, they still grace his table when company comes over, he said with a chuckle. [Link]


If you ever get a chance to hear Craig give his talk on this subject, don't pass it up! He is very funny, very entertaining and you learn a lot, too.


And here I thought we were risque for setting the table with a souvenir spoon from Sing Sing Prison..

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