Friday, May 02, 2008

A Family Full of Fischers

In one family, three generations of Fischers have married Fischers.

“It’s a common name,” explains George Fischer, “at least in Germany, it’s a common name.”

“And names run in our families,” adds Katie Fischer (née Fischer). “My mother’s name was Katherine, I’m Katherine and my niece is named Katherine. She’s the other Katherine Fischer who married a Fischer. Also, my father was Joe and so is our son.”
The couple's nephew and niece later married.
“It wasn’t easy convincing the priest,” recalls John Fischer. “Katherine and I had the same last name. George is my uncle and Katie is Katherine’s aunt. We were definitely related, but not by blood. It took some explaining.”

The third generation Fischer to marry a Fischer is Lydia Fischer (grand-daughter to George and Katie) who married Philip Fischer. “He was no relation,” Katie says. “They met when Philip came to the house to do some work.” [Link]

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