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Genealogue Challenge #126

This thread discusses Stephen and Emilie Preen, who lived in Newark, New Jersey, in 1900.

Who was their very famous step-grandchild?

Nevada Genealogist

A quick google found this Preen website with a ton of info on this family.
The children seem to be:
Charlie Gay Preen b. Nov 1891 in Australia
Albert Preen b. Sept 1892 in Australia
Sydney David Preen, b. Feb 1897 in NJ
Lillie/Tillie Preen b. July 1899 in NJ.
I have not checked the above names and dates for accuracy nor do I have the famous step-grandchild. Maybe this will help someone else?

Nevada Genealogist

I should have clicked on the "thread". Duh! Good Luck everyone.


The very famous step-grandchild is John Wayne, born Marion Robert Morrison.

His mother was Mary Alberta Brown, who was first married to his father, Clyde Leonard Morrison and second to Sydney David Preen, son of Stephen and Emily Preen of New Jersey.


You got it, Nicole!


Hi, Thank you for posting this. I was the one who, on the original thread, was finding the information on Stephen & Emilie Preen. I was very excited when I saw you lot had found a link to John Wayne.
If any of you knows where I can find the certificates to proove that it is the same Sidney, that would be great.


Hi, I have Albert G. Preen's passport was indeed from Australia, and from Newark New Jersey. His DOB is Sept 19, 1891. The passport says he was a contractor. Also his picture is on it. Inside the passport is a cemetery deed from Fairmount Cemetery Association. Paid $235.00 by Stephen Preen.


I know a bit about the Preen family in New Jersey, and might be able to help out with inquiries. Bert Preen was my mother-in-law's father. My mother-in-law was Emilie Preen Barlow, of Oldwick, New Jersey. I met Uncle Syd (Sydney) and heard him talk about John Wayne, or 'Duke', as he called him. I married Emilie's younger daughter, Annie Homan Barlow, in 1970. She died in 1980.
Paul C.

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