Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Genealogue Challenge #127

Today is Bea Arthur's birthday.

What were the names of her maternal grandparents, and where are they buried?


I haven't done well at the latest challenges but here's my guess anyway. Maybe I can get lucky!

Israel Pressner (Presaner)
Hannah (Anna) Pressner
Burial at: section 1R
Mount Zion Cemetery
Maspeth NY

There is also an Israel Pressner buried at Mt Carmel but I could not find a Anna or Hannah there.


Well, I've started back to work, so I don't have the time I had before for looking for these, but maybe some of these will help someone else get started:

b: 13 May 1922 Bernice Frankel in NY City.
Sister Kay, wh lives in Montreal.
Moved to Maryland.
Father Philip Frankel operated a women's clothing shop
Attended: Blackstone College in Blackstone VA.
Became a medical technologist before WWII.
Served in US Marine Corps
Began acting off Broadway in late 1940's
m1: Robert Alan Aurthur, an author
m2: Gene Saks from 1950-1978 (divorced).
adopted 2 sons: Matthew (b: 14 July 1961) an actor; Daniel (b: 8 May 1964) a set designer)
Primarily lives in Los Angeles.

parents: Jewish American Philip and Rebecca Frankel; raised in Maryland
Her mother died in Brentwood at age 84.

says her mom died at age 84 in Brentwood (California?) this year. article written in 1986.

Rebecca Frankel b: 1 Apr 1895 d: 16 Oct 1985 born not in US. died in Los Angeles. SSN: 214077620

mother's maiden name: Sternberg; father: Pressner

1930 Bronx NY District 171 Census
Philip Frankel head m w 46 m 30 Poland Poland Poland 1902 Auto Manufacturing
, Rebecca wife f w 35 m 26 Austria Austria Austria 1895
, Gertrude daughter f w 15 s NY Poland Austria
, Bernice dau f w 7 s NY Poland Austria
, Marian dau f w 3 s NY Poland Austria
Rich, Mary servant f w 25 Un Ireland Ireland Ireland 1925 AL Housework


Well, Bea Arthur's maternal grandparents were Israel and Hannah Pressman. But I haven't yet located their grave location. Still hunting...

I found this above information by locating first Bea's
birth certificate
which gives her mother's name as Rebecca Pressner. I then found Rebecca as a 5 year old in the 1900 US census, living with her parents Israel and Hannah.

Will post when i find the rest.


OK - I think I have it now...

Israel and Anna Pressner are buried in Mount Zion Cemetery, 59-63 54th Avenue, Maspeth, NY 11378
He died on 2/17/1959, she on 2/27/1947


Yup, Israel and Anna/Hannah were buried at Mount Zion. As Deb notes, Anna's maiden name was Sternberg, which was also the name of their burial society.

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