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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Knight is Young

Three descendants of Kent Plantation House founder Pierre Baillio II were knighted over the weekend. Unofficially.

Helena Baillio knighted her two sons Adeus, 5, and Gage Baillio, 4, as well as her nephew Jody Walker, 16.

"It means a lot to our whole family," Helena Baillio said.

Adeus and Gage were dressed in red and black knight costumes and were presented with plastic shields, belts and helmets by their grandmother after Baillio read a knighting script that she had slightly modified for such young children. They also were given a copy of the Baillio family history.
The idea came about when Adeus began to ask his mother about his last name and its history. She explained that he was related to Pierre Baillio and, even further back, a king of France and England. Adeus asked how to become a king, and Baillio told him he had to be a knight first and then decided to make it happen. [Link]


Excellent! I hope they enjoy more of your family stories. I know how they feel when I found out that I was related to William the Conquer. His daughter married my William de Warenne and we also had many knights in the line.

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