Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rachels Are Not Answering the Call

Through the website Calling All Rachels, British dairy company Rachel's Organic is trying to "gather together the world’s largest collection of people who share the name." Famous Rachels include actress Rachel Weisz, model Rachel Hunter, and English singer Rachel Stevens—none of whom want anything to do with the publicity stunt. Non-celebrity Rachels have had a similar reaction.

“Rachel is so popular a name I don’t think I’d bother getting involved with this,” said Rachel Williams, 28, a civil engineer from Ammanford. “I don’t feel a particular connection with other people called Rachel – it’s more a case of feeling common! – and I doubt it would lead to me buying the yoghurt, though I have done in the past.”

Marketing experts said the campaign was a risky but clever strategy. “We would never usually advise clients to base their campaign on such a negligible part of their target audience. You have to wonder what percentage of their target audience are actually called Rachel,” said Fiona Anderson, head of PR at Working Word PR. [Link]

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