Saturday, May 17, 2008

UK Bans Wedding Photos

Register offices in the UK are preventing newlyweds from posing for photographs while signing the register.

The new guidelines say photographs of couples signing the register could invade the privacy of others because their signatures may be visible on the same page. There are further fears that details taken from the wedding snaps could be used by fraudsters planning identity theft and that the photos could be in breach of Crown Copyright.

But critics of the move say it is absurd because the register is a public document and the information entered in it is readily available on the internet from the General Register Office.
A spokesman for the Home Office offered a few more ludicrous reasons for ending the tradition:
"It will divert the couple from making sure the information is accurate and from signing it in the right place.
"There is also a high risk of damage to the register with a fountain pen when the bride and groom are looking at the camera and not the pen." [Link]


That has got to be one of the more stupid things I've read lately.

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