Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Genealogue Challenge #129

Sportscaster Jim McKay died on Saturday.

What was his paternal grandfather's name, and when did he die?

Andy E. Wold

The paternal grandparents of James Kenneth McManus (his professional name is Jim McKay) were Patrick Joseph and Nellie McManus.

I have a lead that Patrick died in 1902 and Nellie died in 1937, both in Ardmore, PA.

Drew Smith

One public family tree gives his name as Patrick John McManus, died 1902. He appears on the 1900 census as P.J. McManus, with wife Nellie and a number of children, including 4-year-old Joseph.

Joseph F. McManus and wife Florence appear in the 1930 census with 8-year-old James K. (who would later become Jim McKay) and daughter Mary.


I had to go to a print source for ths one!

His paternal grandfather was Patrick McManus who died of pheunmonia at the age of 35 - not sure when yet.


You all are on the right track. Can anyone nail down the date--perhaps using a recently released free database?


14 Jan 1902 in Philadelphia , PA

found on Familysearch Labs record Search site


Nicely done! The address given on Patrick John McManus's death record matches the address of his family in both 1900 and 1910.

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