Thursday, June 12, 2008

Genealogue Challenge #130

My favorite kid lit illustrator Maurice Sendak celebrated his 80th birthday this week.

When did his parents marry?

Mark Aubrey

Phillip Sendak and Sadie _____ were married in about 1918, according to the 1930 US census (NY, Kings, Brooklyn - Dist. 507). has them indexed as the Rendak family.

They owned a radio, which might have contributed to the presence of only three children.


In reading a few biography pages on Maurice Sendak, I determined that his parents names were Philip and Sadie (Schindler) Sendak

I came across an entry in New York City Brides Record Index at:

A Sadie Schindler was married on 16 May 1918 in Manhattan to a man named Pincus Seudah. This could either be a mis-interpretation of handwriting, or his father changed the spelling of their surname between the marriage date and the 1920 census, when it is Sendak. I found that Philip is sometimes used in lieu of Pincus. I couldn't find a Pincus Seudah in any of the census records (1920 or 1930).

Could this be them?


That's it, Nicole. "Seudah" is a very understandable mistranscription of "Sendak." Nice job!

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