Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gone in 120 Seconds

Donald Trump visited his mother's birthplace in Scotland on Monday, but didn't stay long enough to stick his fingers in anybody's drawers.

Mr Trump spent less than five minutes of his two-hour whistlestop tour of Lewis at 5 Tong, the four-bedroom Edwardian crofthouse of his MacLeod ancestors. Inside for just 120 seconds, he chatted to first cousins Willie and Alasdair Murray, who now live in the home, and declared it in "fine shape".

"It's hard to believe it's well over 100 years old," the construction magnate said later. "It was built by my grandfather. I was very impressed by the condition of the house and the solidity of the house."
The last time Mr Trump was at Tong - aged "three-four", he got his fingers stuck while exploring drawers. [Link]
[Photo credit: Donald Trump by Cristina Stefan]

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