Sunday, June 01, 2008

He Forgot His Fiancée

Laura Marasco's grandfather almost missed receiving a very important delivery.

Giuseppina Caligaro, the story goes, sat on a wooden bench in the halls of Ellis Island waiting for someone to claim her. It was April of 1913 and she had traveled to the United States to marry a man she had never met. In one more day, if he didn't show up, Giuseppina would be shipped back to Lozzo di Cadore, her home in northern Italy. She already had given this man's marriage proposal a year's consideration before agreeing to come to New York. So, she waited.

"He totally spaced out about when her ship was due to dock," says Giuseppina's granddaughter, Laura Marasco, about her grandfather's tardiness. "He was in Connecticut helping with a flood and lost track of time."
"For the next 63 years, my grandmother always used to tell him in Italian, 'I should've taken the boat back,'" Laura Marasco says with a laugh. "She held that over his head her whole life." [Link]

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