Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Is Obama Too Antarctic to Be President?

The publisher of Israel Insider believes that Barack Obama's birth certificate is a forgery.

It has become even more suspect with the revelation that variations of the certificate image were posted on the Photobucket image aggregation website -- including one listing the location of Obama's birth as Antarctica, one with the certificate supposedly issued by the government of North Korea, and another including a purported photo of baby Barack -- one of which has a "photo taken" time-stamp just two minutes before the article and accompanying image was posted on the left-wing Daily Kos blog. [Link]
This guy gives crackpot conspiracy theorists a bad name. The Daily Kos post is dated "Thu Jun 12, 2008 at 08:44:37 AM PDT," but the first comment on the post was left at "08:10:34 AM PDT"—some 32 minutes before the image was posted to Photobucket. Our friend in Israel neglected to notice that Kos "bumped" the post to the top of the main page by changing the time.

That said, I haven't yet heard Obama deny that he was born at the South Pole. Is he embarrassed of his Antarctic heritage?


It's possible Obama will have to get an official declaration from the State of Hawaii to 'prove' to the conspiracists that he really is a Naturally Born Citizen. It's sad.

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