Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sticky Fingers in the Family

While spending their 60th anniversary at Denver's Brown Palace, a couple returned the silver teapot they'd "borrowed" from the hotel while on their honeymoon.

"They gave me a note saying 'thanks for the use of it all these years,' " said Julia Kanellos, who as the Brown Palace's historian is the point person for such transactions. China and silverware, she receives in quantity.

"A woman passed away and her children were going through her things," recalled Ms. Kanellos. "One daughter said 'oh, look, the medicine spoon!' " -- a reference to the family's dedicated delivery vessel for analgesics and antibiotics. "Another one of them turned it over and said, 'Oh, guys, it's from the Brown Palace.' And they sent it back with the story about the medicine spoon." [Link]

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