Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What, No Zuzu?

The "Z-Cox" family had a reunion Sunday in North Carolina.

Ameriah Biggs Cox Jr. and Jutry Hart married in 1870.

Together, they had 11 children and each had a first name beginning with Z.

The girls were Zylphia, Zula, Zadie and Zenobia. The boys went by Zadok, Zeber, Zeronald, Zesely, Zeola, Zora, and Zelbert.

"Some of the names are biblical," said Z. Bryan Haislip of Tarboro, a caretaker of his family's history. "Some are...sort of made up." [Link]
Note that, though just nine months old, Zeronald smartly went by the name "George" in 1900.

Careful analysis of census data (and of this 1910 photograph of the family) suggests that the couple probably did not marry in 1870, which was Jutry's year of birth, but in 1886.

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