Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Will the Linkage Be Unbroken?

Shoebox Genealogy today addresses one of the questions I have about NFS:

In our discussion with Gordon Clarke, we asked him what was to become of the old familysearch.org page. He matter of factly told us “It’ll be shut down, there will be no use for it because all of the information will be in the New Family Search.”
I hope they remember that FamilySearch is part of something larger than itself—a world wide web, to coin a phrase. More than a million pages from old FamilySearch are indexed by Google. Almost 500,000 of these are individual IGI and census records; another 129,000 are pages from the Family History Library Catalog. Many of these are linked to by some website or another. Unless FamilySearch figures out how to redirect visitors to relevant NFS resources, there'll be a whole lot of broken links and unhappy webmasters out there.

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