Saturday, July 05, 2008

Buried at the Ball Park

Ken McCracken has determined that Capt. William McCracken, Jr., was the last American soldier to die in the Revolutionary War, and that he is buried somewhere in Cincinnati's Great American Ball Park. The grave is in one of two locations:

-- Deep under the far southwest corner of the ballpark footprint, along Joe Nuxhall Way, south of the team's Hall of Fame. That spot would be a fenced-in, AstroTurf-covered rectangle next to the Rose Garden. The garden marks the spot where Pete Rose's record-breaking hit No. 4,192 landed in 1985.

-- Across Joe Nuxhall Way from the fenced-in space. Teeming with earth-moving equipment, that spot is the future home of a parking garage serving the proposed Cincinnati Riverfront Park and The Banks project.

"That's as close as I can narrow it down after well over a decade of genealogical research trying to see if I'm related to this man. I feel very confident I've got my facts straight," said Ken McCracken, an amateur historian. [Link]
[Thanks, J. Hansen!]

[Photo credit: nice day by Robert Meeks]


I am related to captain McCracken and this is so neat!

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