Friday, July 04, 2008

A Forebear's Formidable Fare

Five siblings in Australia are recreating their grandfather Charlie Heard's world-record taxicab ride. Charlie drove Ada Beal and two other ladies on a 7,000-mile, three-month journey from Geelong to Darwin and back in 1930.

Ron, Steve, Bob and Doug Heard and their sister Anne Cole have squashed themselves in to the 1929 Essex they are driving.

“After doing a bit of research and checking the world book of records it looks to be the longest continuous taxi fare in the world, we are re-enacting Australian history,” Steve said.

Leaving on the exact date, June 20, from the same Geelong address, the siblings will travel the 7003 miles or 11,500 kilometres covered by their grandfather. The Essex, which is almost identical to the one driven by their grandfather, has had its engine completely rebuilt.

“We are going exactly where he went and stopping off where he did,” Steve said. [Link]

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