Monday, July 21, 2008

Leaving Dog Rump Creek Behind

Main Street in Stony Plain, Alberta, was moved five kilometers north in 1907, to be nearer the railroad.

There wasn't much town to move -- just the Miller Brothers General Store, the front section of the Oppertshauser Hardware Store and a blacksmith shop owned by Jacob Schram, said [Doug] Laurie.

The townsmen hitched up their nine horses and mules and used a series of skids to tow the buildings.

"They laid trees down so they wouldn't sink into the swamp," Laurie said. "Strangely enough, they got (the buildings) straight." [John] MacDonald applied for a post office and chose a name for the little town along the tracks. In 1908, Stony Plain was born, turning the page on the old name, Dog Rump Creek. [Link]

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