Monday, July 14, 2008

Mingled With Portions of Hannah

Extracted from Quaint Epitaphs, by Susan Darling Safford:

Beneath this stone our baby lays
He neither crys or hollers.
He lived just one and twenty days,
And cost us forty dollars.

Here lie two grandsons of
John Hancock, first signer of the
Declaration of Independence.
(Their names are respectively Geo. M.
and John H. Hancock)
and their eminence hangs on
their having had a grandfather.

Here lies my wife a sad slatterned shrew
If I said I regretted her I should lie too.

Here lies the body of Sarah Sexton
She was a wife that never vexed one.
But I can't say as much for the one at the next stone.

Here lies John Higley whose father and mother were drowned in their passage from America. Had they both lived they would have been buried here.

A man had cremated four wives, and the ashes, kept in four urns, being overturned and fallen together, were buried at last and had this droll inscription:

Stranger pause and shed a tear,
For Mary Jane lies buried here.
Mingled in a most surprising manner
With Susan, Marie and portions of Hannah.

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