Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nasty Nazi Nearly Denuded

Axel Nelson and his family went to the North Dakota Heritage Center last Thursday to view a Nazi uniform he donated back in 1958.

Scott Nelson recounted the story his uncle told him.

The war was coming to an end in the spring of 1945, and many of the soldiers and leaders were taking off their uniforms and to keep a low profile.

Staff Sgt. Axel Nelson was traveling through Germany with his division when they came across a Nazi politician in Ortsgruppenleiter uniform who was "showing obvious contempt" for the American soldiers passing by.

Sgt. Nelson, who spoke German, pulled his jeep over and told the man to remove his uniform. When the Nazi refused, Nelson pointed his weapon at the man's head and repeated his demand. Nelson then left the man standing in his underwear. [Link]

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