Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Sturgeon Story

Olive Tree Genealogy Blog has a great story concerning a 3rd cousin twice removed and a sturgeon. The cousin is confirmed dead; the sturgeon's whereabouts are unknown.


My dad, who is 87, has a lot of stories about his family. His brother's wife was the first genealogist of the family and always adds things to the story such as "this, however, has not been substantiated with any evidence". It makes my dad mad because he says if he wrote it down and was dead everyone would take it for fact. You have to keep your eye on him because he also says things like (looking at a picture) "Just write someone's name on it. It is obviously a relative and a generation from now no one will know the difference anyway." Luckily we have a lot of well documented pictures and don't have to rely on his expertise. LOL

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