Monday, July 07, 2008

Supply Your Own Scalps

As Janice mentioned a couple of years ago, the New Hampshire Historical Society is selling bobbleheaded dolls of famous figures in Granite State history.

The latest additions to the New Hampshire Historical Society's "bobblehead" series are Chief Passaconaway, a respected leader of the Pennacook tribe, and Hannah Duston, who famously killed and scalped her Native American captors during a daring escape.
The Hannah Duston figure is modeled after a statue of her in Haverhill, Mass., not the one in Boscawen. In New Hampshire's version, "In one hand, she's holding her hatchet, but in the other she's holding the scalps," [Society executive director Bill] Veillette said.

After some consideration, he decided "it would be kind of icky to buy something with somebody holding bleeding scalps." [Link]


Proof that the New Hampshire Historical Society doesn't understand marketing.

You create BOTH you can get the icky market too.

I have no interest in Chief Passaconaway or Hannah Duston...not being a resident of New Hampshire. But a bobblehead doll of a woman holding a scalp? I'd buy that!

Family Curator

Awesome! I wish I had one of those dolls when I was teaching Women's Captivity Narratives to my high school American lit students... not that Hannah Dunston's story needed much embellishment.


Hannah is one of my husband's direct ancestors. We'll have to get one!

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