Thursday, July 24, 2008

Top Ten Signs Your Ancestor Was a Superhero

10. Family crest features radioactive spider.

9. Death certificate says he was "Vanquished while defending humanity from the forces of evil. Contributing cause of death: chronic alcoholism."

8. Turned invisible whenever the census taker came around.

7. Described in Ellis Island records as "mild mannered," but free of typhoid.

6. Family reunions announced by Bat Signal.

5. Secret identity revealed during prosecution for bigamy.

4. All written accounts of his life include advertisements for X-ray glasses and Sea Monkeys.

3. Called the outhouse his "Fortress of Solitude."

2. Abandoned family to spend more time with his "sidekick" Trixie.

1. No one liked him when he was angry.


this is pricless.


I especially love #8 lol

Hue Reviews

LOL...# 8 must be my family!!

Elizabeth O'Neal

Mine did a lot of #8, and even some #2 (that doesn't sound right), but I haven't found any "Trixies".

Great post, Chris!

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