Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Genealogue Challenge #134

The Louvin Brothers were an influential singing duo who put out the awesomest album cover ever.

Who were the parents of their maternal grandfather?


Here's what it looks like to me:

Charle Elzer Loudermilk and Lonnie Ira Loudermilk
Their Parents: Colonel Loudermilk and Georgia Wooten
The maternal grandparents: Charlie P Wooten and Rhoda J Haynes
Parents of the maternal grandfather: George Wooten and Sarah Gibbs

If anyone's interested in the specific census records and places where I found the marriages, I'll send them to you, or post. The key was finding an article that gave the maiden name of their mom here: http://www.musicianguide.com/biographies/1608001610/Louvin-Brothers-The.html



Are they Thomas Marion Wooten and Mary Ann Moore (married 1868 in De Kalb Co., AL)?
Charlie and Ira's parents were Colonel Loudermilk and Georgie/Georgia Wooten.
1930 De Kalb County, Alabama census shows them living at home, ages 6 and 2 9/12.
Georgia's parents were Charlie P. Wooten and Rhoda J. Haynes (see 1910 Section, Jackson County, Alabama census).
The 1900 Dutton, Jackson County, Alabama census has Charlie living with his father, Marion Wooten, and his step-mother, Frances A., and sister and 4 half-siblings.
There is an 1868 marriage record for a Thomas M. Wooten and a Mary Ann Moore married in De Kalb Co., AL and then an 1886 record for a Thos M. Wooten to a Frances McGuinn . The 1870 Coffee Town, Jackson County, Alabama census has a Marion Wooten and his wife Mary A.


I believe it was Thomas Marion and Mary Ann (Moore) Wooten.

Charlie and Rhoda were enumerated in 1920 just ahead of Jesse M. Wooten (himself head of a singing family). Charlie and half-brother Jesse were living with their father in Jackson County, Alabama, in 1900, and Charlie's birth date (July 1879) matches that found on his gravestone.

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