Sunday, August 24, 2008

Genealogue Challenge #135

Randy notes that Tim Pawlenty's ancestors have not been adequately vetted. Let's fill in some of the blanks.

What were the full names of Pawlenty's father's four grandparents?

Drew Smith

The link provided by Randy indicates that Tim Pawlenty's father was Eugene Joseph Pawlenty, b. 6 March 1923, d. 27 Jan. 2000, buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, South Saint Paul, Minn.

There's a published tree in Ancestry World Tree that says that Eugene's parents were John Frank Pawlenty and Rosalia Catherine Lashinski. That tree states that John's parents were Joseph Pawlenty and Mary Zoblocki, and that Rosalia's parents were Bernard Lashinski (or Lesinski)and Rose Paschika.

I'm hopeful that someone can provide some real documentation to back up this published information.


Eugene Joseph Pawlenty's grandparents

Joseph Pawlenty
Mary Zoblotski/Zobalski

Bernard John Lashinski
Rozalia Paschilka

Drew Smith

Eugene (Tim's father) appears in the 1930 census as 7-year-old Eugene Polanti in District 32, South St. Paul, Dakota County, Minnesota. His parents, both born in Minnesota, are 40-year-old John and 30-year-old Rose. Their parents were born in Poland.

The 1920 census for District 162, Little Falls Ward 4, Morrison County, MN has John and Rose and their two oldest children (Edward and Delores), living next to Polish widow Mary Pawlenty and her children Frank (25), Ignatz (20), and Elija (16). Elija appears to be Aloysius or Alois in other records.

The 1910 census for District 109, Little Falls Ward 1, Morrison County, MN has Joseph and Mary Pawlenty, who have been married for 26 years, and their 7 surviving children (out of 10 total).

4 of Mary's children appear in the Minnesota Death Index with their mother's maiden name listed as Zoblotski, Zovatzky, Zobalski, or Zablothzke.

Several of Eugene's siblings appear in the Minnesota Death Index, with their mother's maiden name as Lashinski.

Bernot Leshinski and his wife Rozalia appear in the 1910 census for Swan River, Morrison County, MN with their children (including 9-year-old Rose).

Rose Catherine (Lashinski) Pawlenty appears in the Minnesota Death Index with a mother's maiden name of Paschilka. Other Lashinski siblings in the Death Index have the mother's maiden name appearing as Pachilka, Pashalka, and Pashelke.


Ancestry World Tree just ruins these challenges, doesn't it?

The censuses and Minnesota death and birth certificate indexes do provide the needed names—with a variety of variant spellings.

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